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All humans are born with a love of learning, but sometimes we run into challenges that can make it hard to keep that torch lit for academic learning. As someone who struggled through most of my primary and secondary education, then excelled later in high school and graduated from university with high honors, I am inspired by the thought of helping students reach their goals and rediscover their own love of learning.

Living and learning with ADHD, I've also discovered that different students need different strategies and that every student comes to the table with unique strengths -- and the best part of tutoring, for me, is helping students discover their own strengths and strategies. I especially enjoy working with students who are exploring the life sciences and the elements of algebra -- subjects that can spark passionate interests and open new doors.

It's also important to explore one's passions beyond the academic realm. As such, when I'm not reading, writing, or researching, you'll usually find me in the dance studio, where I'm focused on improving technical mastery and artistic expression in ballet and modern dance, or the circus-arts studio, where I'm honing my technique on dance trapeze, lyra, and silks.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Indiana University Southeast - Bachelors, Psychology (Bachelor of Science)

ballet (classical and contemporary), modern dance, choreography, theater, music (composition and performance), modern dance, choreography, cirque arts, neurology, psychology

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