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I am a recent graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara. I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies, with an emphasis on ocean sciences. What I love about the Environmental Studies major is that it requires an interdisciplinary approach; while scientific knowledge is crucial, it is also vital to understand the economics, politics, and social aspects of the environment. Therefore, I feel very comfortable tutoring a variety of subjects, including multiple levels of mathematics, geography, social studies, essay editing, AP Environmental Studies, ecology, and more. As a tutor, I find it very important to relate my students, and to make each session fun and interesting. At the same time, we must both know when to be serious in order to tackle challenging problems. I also understand that there are many ways to teach a subject, and that some students learn more effectively with one method over another. Initially, I intend to learn which methods work best with each student so that we both can get the most out of each session. I was previously a tennis coach for students from ages 3-18, which was a great experience for me because it combined two things that I am passionate about: teaching and sports. Besides tennis, I love to play basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and golf. I also enjoy playing the piano, with an emphasis on classical and jazz.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of California-Santa Barbara - Bachelors, Environmental Studies

Sports, Piano, Food