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Learning is one of the most rewarding, useful, and fun things that a person can do. My goal as a tutor is not only to help students complete assigned tasks and get good grades, but also to understand why the material is important and how it can help them in life. If I can help a student to be motivated to learn, aspire to fulfill meaningful goals, and give them the tools they need to reach those goals, then I will consider the time that I have spent with them as a success.

I graduated from University at Buffalo with a B.A. in Math and Economics and an M.S. in Economics with an advanced certificate in Finance. I now work at M&T Bank as a Credit Analyst. I aspire to start my own business next year.

I try to put effort into improving at everything that I do because I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Some of my life achievements include, being an all county 1st singles player on my high school tennis team, improving my max bench press by 35lbs in 3 months, running a marathon, climbing a mountain, clearing a 40 feet long ski jump, ranking in the top 10 players in upstate NY in a video game, getting a job in my field immediately after college, being chosen to lead a project at work even though I am one of the newest people there, completing 3 college degrees in 5 years with a high GPA, working at least part time every year since I was in 10th grade, and ranking 1st every week in location accuracy and pulls per week as a backroom team member at Target. I am currently independently learning coding through and and am in the process of creating my own website.

These things all resulted from the common theme of focused effort and a clear mindset for improvement. Improvement happens when you try to do something, fail, figure out what you're doing wrong, and try to fix it. Everyone can improve at everything if they stay focused, adapt their improvement methods, and try again. It's never too late. Some things take more time than others, but everything is achievable. If you have an idea of what you want to accomplish in the future, start now and you'll be much more likely to get to where you want to be.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University at Buffalo - Bachelors, Mathematics and Economics (Double major)

Graduate Degree:

 University at Buffalo - Masters, Economics (Concentration in Finance

mountain climbing, coding, running, tennis, racquetball, video games

10th Grade Math

11th Grade Math

9th Grade Math


College Business

College Economics

High School Business

High School Economics