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Tutoring is an opportunity to show a student just how smart they really are. I love being able to show people that all they need is a good teacher to be able to understand all the material they are struggling with. I was the type of student who did not do well when I paid attention to the teachers. I had to figure out my own way to learn which caused me to understand everything in a variety of ways. This helps me as a tutor because I can teach most things multiple different ways. My passion is teaching math because it's so understated for how creative and invigorating it can really be. Many teachers just read the textbook to the student which leaves the student lacking much understanding of how cool math really is. I love to show people that. I tend to spend just as much time giving my students confidence as I do actually teaching them. I have found that without doing this, most students will understand everything, but they will retain nothing. So in the end, it doesn't help them to sit through all the tutoring and put forth all the effort unless they are confident that they can do the work on their own.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of West Georgia - Bachelors, Computer Science

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How would you help a student stay motivated?

By giving them incentives and structure. Showing them how the knowledge they are using can be practical or helpful for them in their future.