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I am a 2011 graduate from Ohio University, where I majored in Secondary Education with a focus on Integrated Language Arts and minored in English. Shortly after graduation, I began tutoring and substitute teaching in various school districts until I accepted a permanent teaching position in 2012. Throughout my three years of teaching experience, I had the opportunity to teach general and advanced English classes, ranging from grades 9-12.

Because I have experience in working with students of varied ability levels, I believe in catering to each individual student's learning style. I truly feel that each student can be successful in reaching their goals if they are given the necessary tools. I enjoy coming up with creative ways to help students learn, and I am passionate about helping students become more confident in their abilities.

I am available to tutor in Writing, Literature, Test Prep, Public Speaking, and Essay Editing. I am also available for help with Language Arts homework.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Ohio University-Main Campus - Bachelors, Integrated Language Arts

In my free time, I enjoy reading, attending yoga and barre classes, and watching movies.

College English

Comparative Literature

High School English

Homework Support



Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization


What is your teaching philosophy?

Teachers should create a learning environment that fosters student growth and development and motivates students to push themselves to achieve their goals. Teachers should cater to each student's unique learning style to help them reach their full potential.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

When meeting a student for the first time, I would take some time to get to know them and their academic needs. I would ask the student questions about the content area on which we are focusing, and I would assist the student in setting goals. This will help set a clear purpose for our tutoring sessions.

How can you help a student become an independent learner?

I can help students become independent learners by assisting them in goal-setting. If a student has a part in setting his/her own goals, they will be more motivated to reach those goals. Also, I will provide formative feedback to students to help them continuously improve their work. When they are successful in overcoming their weaknesses, they will build confidence and be more likely to take ownership of their learning.