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I am currently a student at Penn State University concurrently pursuing a Master's in Accounting, a Bachelor's in Accounting, and a Bachelor's in Finance. Through the rigorous courses I have taken at Penn State I have learned what specific teaching methods help me learn the best.

I believe everybody learns differently, and I am committed to adapting my tutoring style to effectively help my students. My first goal in any tutoring relationship is to instill confidence. I want students to understand it is possible to get an "A" in any class and solely a matter of the time, effort, and study plan one engages in. I am very confident in my abilities and knowledge and want my confidence to rub off on each student I interact with. Through organization of material and real-world practice examples, I believe I can help any student understand topics that they find difficult and I find fascinating.

I am fiercely competitive, and I want your student to know that together, as a team, we will win at all costs. Helping others enjoy the same success I have academically is a great passion of mine, and I would love the opportunity to help more students reach their academic goals.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Penn State University - BS, Accounting,Finance

International travel, competitive sports, financial markets, American politics.


College Accounting

College Business

College Economics

High School Accounting

High School Business

High School Economics