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Question of the Day: SAT II French

Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

Je n'ai rien mangé ce matin. J'ai __________.






The SAT Subject Tests were created by the College Board to give university admissions staff a general idea of a student’s abilities and how he or she intends to focus his or her studies. These examinations are more in-depth in various subjects than the SAT by itself. The SAT II French Subject Test is composed of 85 multiple-choice questions. Not only will this test demonstrate your knowledge and skills in French, but the exam can also potentially lead to placement in higher level courses and possibly fulfill any basic language requirements at your chosen university. Because there are plenty of opportunities riding on the score you receive, it is extremely important to be prepared in order to perform well. It is also recommended by the College Board that students have at least three years of French training at high school level before attempting this Subject Test. It is important to study and prepare yourself prior to the examination. Question of the Day is one Learning Tool that can effectively assist you in your review.

Question of the Day was designed to provide you with quality multiple-choice problems comparable to questions found on the official SAT II French Subject Test. On this exam, you will be expected to showcase your talents in contextual vocabulary, reading comprehension, and sentence structure. You must be able to choose an appropriate word for a sentence, analyze and explain concepts, and define various different parts of speech. Question of the Day pulls from each of these categories to ensure a full review.

Question of the Day begins by presenting you with a new question related ones featured on the SAT II French Subject Test. No matter how you respond, each problem is followed by an explanation of both the correct response and the featured concept. You can also view similar questions in order to help you build an understanding. The system also allows you to track your own growth. Viewing your correct-to-incorrect ratio and interacting with previous questions will help you understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie in order to help you tailor your study sessions to fit your needs. Comparing your progress to others can also be beneficial. Here, you can discover your ranking and determine how many users answered correctly. As you resolve more problems, you will gain access to more information. This is why it is important to utilize Question of the Day regularly.

While Question of the Day works well on its own, this tool is versatile enough to be paired with other Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools during your study sessions. Flashcards, Learn by Concept, and Practice tests can easily be added into your free daily test review. Flashcards use a special memorization technique to refresh your mind and impart new information. Learn by Concept dives deeper into specific areas of French to help strengthen your weak points. Practice Tests mimic the official SAT II French Subject Test to give you an idea of what to expect on test day. Each of these tools provides a fresh insight into French language to give you a well-rounded study system.

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