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Question of the Day: PSAT Writing

       (1) Kabuki performances first appeared in 1603, when a woman named Izumo no Okuni began performing a new style of drama and dance routines outside of Kyoto. (2) This new form of entertainment quickly got popular throughout Japan. 

       (3) Kabuki was known for its extravagant costumes and elaborate make-up. (4) The stage was what really set it apart from other forms of theater at the time. (5) It included a walkway protruding from the stage out through the audience.  (6) Actors would use this walkway to make surprise entrances. (7) More advanced features were added, such as rotating stages and trapdoors to lift actors onto or down from the stage almost instantly. (8) All of these were used to create dramatic emphasis. 

Which of these sentences, inserted after Sentence 8, would provide the best conclusion to the passage?

I hope to travel to Japan some day to see a live kabuki performance.

The exaggerated expressions painted on the actors' faces identify them to the audience as the protagonist or the villain.

Over time, more innovations were added, and kabuki theater continues to thrill Japanese audiences to this day.

Some kabuki actors became well-known celebrities.

These stages were more advanced than the ones used in European theaters in the seventeenth century.

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