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Question of the Day: Phlebotomy ASCP

A healthcare provider that consists of a collection of medical facilities that provide services from birth to death is a(n):
health maintenance organization
integrated healthcare delivery system
preferred provider organization
managed care organization

The American Society of Clinical Pathology offers a phlebotomy certification. This program is called Phlebotomy ASCP, and this additional certification helps improve the understanding and experience of medical professionals just like you. As a professional, a deep understanding of phlebotomy and healthcare is extremely important to improving patient outcomes. When you take the Phlebotomy ASCP class, you will be required to take an exam to earn your certification at the end. You will learn a lot in class, and to make sure you fully understand this information going into the exam, you should cultivate daily test practice. That’s why Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offers a host of study tools and review questions, like Question of the Day.

Phlebotomy ASCP Question of the Day tests your knowledge moving toward this certification. You can get great daily test review with this unique question, which changes every single day of the week. The questions are based on previous Phlebotomy ASCP tests, so you get a feel for not only the information on the exam, but the phrasing as well. This can help you review as you go into the test as you put your phlebotomy knowledge to the test every single day and practice on unfamiliar questions prepared by the same board that approved your certification exam questions.

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When you scroll to the bottom of Question of the Day answer page, you will find a detailed explanation of the correct answer. Even if you got the answer right, you can use this explanation to gather new information, which will help you answer similar questions in the future, and also help you understand the question’s subject in more depth.

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