AP Computer Science A : Run Time Exceptions

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Example Questions

Example Question #271 : Computer Science


Given the following binary values

a = 0100 1110

b = 0011 0101

perform an XOR operation (c = a^b). What is the result?

Possible Answers:

c = 0111 1011

c = 0000 0100

c = 0111 0011

c = 0111 1111

Correct answer:

c = 0111 1011


Performing a bitwise excludive OR constitutes in taking both binary values and evaluating as follows: either one or the other (1) never both (0). This is the truth table for a bitwise XOR operation:

 Blank flowchart   new page  2

Taking both a and b and performing the operation bit by bit we get the following result:


Example Question #1 : Run Time Exceptions

True or False.


There is a runtime exception in this code snippet. 


int wait_time = 0;

int wait_time = 5;

for (int i = 0; i < wait_time; i++) {



Possible Answers:



Correct answer:



Yes, there is a runtime exception in the code snippet. The int wait_time is defined twice which will give a runtime exception. This can be fixed by not declaring int before the second assignment of the variable wait_time. 

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