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Free ACT Compass Questions of the Day

Unlike the standard ACT test, the ACT Compass is an aptitude test that is taken on a computer, and is an untimed test. However, the ACT Compass is used in the same manner as the ACT, which is to help determine the skill level of any potential incoming students into a school. The ACT Compass has a number of different test topics, including reading, writing (both essay and skills), math, and English as a Second Language tests. With Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools ACT Compass Question of the Day, you can prepare for both the reading and writing portions of this test on a daily basis.

Both the reading and the writing ACT Compass Questions of the Day are similar in format, with each test providing a passage to read, followed by a question and a number of possible answers to choose from. After you choose your answer, the system will tell you if you are correct or incorrect, as well as information that you can use to improve your abilities from one day to the next. This information includes the time it took you to answer, the number of others that have answered the Question of the Day that have answered the question correctly, and the difficulty of the question. All of these tools, if used on a daily basis, can help you to pinpoint where you have potential areas that need to be improved upon going forward.

Both the ACT Compass reading and writing Question of the Day are similar in their layout. The reading Question of the Day will typically ask for you to consider a sentence or paragraph from the passage and deduce what the writer was trying to convey, while the writing Question of the Day will give you a similar passage, with one sentence or area that is grammatically incorrect. Once you have answered the question, each will provide an explanation for why your answer was correct or incorrect, allowing you to understand the answer.

The Learning Tools ACT Compass Question of the Day can be a very useful tool for you as you prepare for your test, as the everyday repetition of questions will give you a daily dose of preparation, without overwhelming you with information. Since both of these portions of the test are reading intensive, finding ways to effectively study can be difficult. By using the Question of the Day, each question is laid out in a similar format to the test itself, which will allow you to visualize the type of questions you will have when you take the ACT Compass, as well as help to learn the concepts that are associated with them. Further, the statistics built into the system allow you to keep track of your daily questions and measure yourself against other people who are preparing to take the test, giving you a measuring stick of where you are and what you need to improve on.

While there are a number of different methods to prepare for the ACT Compass, the Learning Tools ACT Compass Question of the Day can be a very useful tool for anyone. Whether you’re looking to keep yourself sharp on a daily basis, or need to pinpoint specific areas that could be problematic, you can incorporate the ACT Compass Question of the Day part of your unique study experience.

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