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Question of the Day: ACT Compass Writing

Please refer to the following passage to identify any errors in grammar, punctuation, usage, and style in the selected sentences.


 (1) It was my first day of high school and I have couldn’t been more nervous. (2) The bus ride in the morning was the scariest part because I had no idea where it was acceptable to sit for freshmen. (3) Most juniors and seniors didn’t need to take the bus since they typically had cars, but there were still many older students around me who had more clout to sit where they wanted. (4) Avoiding any possible conflict was what I wanted, so I grabbed an empty seat next to an old classmate who I knew was my age. (5) He understood, I figured, more about the rules of the bus than I did.


(6) My morning classes weren’t as bad as I had expected them to be, although I did sit in the back of each classroom in hopes that the teacher wouldn’t call on me. (7) The only time I spoke up was when attendance calling. (8) Otherwise, I stayed quiet. (9) The lunch period arriving was when I was finally relieved to see my friends. (10) Seeing them gave me a sense of comfort that was lacking from my classes. (11) Moreover, we were happy to find out that a few of us had some afternoon classes together. (12) I was so excited to have some familiar faces with me for the rest of the day. (13) Once that final bell rang that indicated school was out, I felt much calmer than arriving that morning. (14) Looking back, I was realizing I didn’t need to be so nervous about high school.



Sentence 7



The only time I spoke up was when attendance calling.

The only time I spoke up was when calling attendance.

When the teacher called attendance, was the only time I spoke up.

Attendance calling was when the only time I spoke up.

The only time I spoke up was when the teacher called attendance.

The ACT Compass Writing test is an untimed exam taken via computer that will challenge you on your ability to find errors in a writing passage. The errors could be mechanical or usage errors, and may include punctuation errors, the structure of a sentence, or issues with grammar. Other issues within the test may include organization, usage, capitalization, spelling, or construction errors within a sentence or passage. One way to prepare for this test is to use Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools Question of the Day for ACT Compass Writing.

The ACT Compass Writing Question of the Day will often give you a passage to read, followed by a question about the passage you will need to answer. The question will refer to a particular sentence or area within the passage that may include an error. Following the reading, you will have to decide what the issue is in the passage. Once you have made your choice, you will be directed to a new page that will give you statistics on the accuracy of your answer, as well as the difficulty of the question. You will also be given statistics on how well you answered the question compared to others who are also using the Question of the Day tool, and your percentile rank.

One of the unique features of the Learning Tools ACT Compass Writing Question of the Day utility is that, along with the answer to each question, there is an explanation as to why you were either correct or incorrect. By providing this explanation, you will be able to better comprehend the specific problem, giving you a chance to be better prepared for a similar question in the future.

Another feature that can be helpful with the Question of the Day is the repetitive nature that it provides. Because you can do one question each day, it gives you an opportunity to put a small amount of thought into your preparation for the writing portion of the test each day. Since it’s only one question, you won’t be overwhelmed by the topic on a daily basis, and you should be able to find time every day to help you prepare. Unlike other practice tests and study tools, you will get a little more prepared each day with a new concept or challenge, as opposed to trying to remember all of the different concepts at one time.

Along with these helpful tools, the statistics that are provided can also help you prepare for the test, as you will be able to see exactly what other people that are also actively preparing to take the ACT Compass tests are prepared for as well. Since each statistic tells you generally where you stand against other Question of the Day users, you will be able to tell what you may need to continue to work on as you prepare to take the test.

When used with other study tools, the Learning Tools ACT Compass Writing Question of the Day will be a great asset to your preparation. When used on a daily basis, you will have the opportunity to learn new concepts, while at the same time becoming more comfortable with the test that you are preparing to take.

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