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Question of the Day: ACT Compass Reading

Please refer to the following passage for questions 6-10.


            After a lengthy soccer practice and what seemed like the longest day of school ever, Luke pulled into the driveway and turned off his car in exhaustion. With a heavy sigh, the stressed out high school senior grabbed his backpack and made his way into the house.

            As the door shut behind him, all Luke could think about were the many college applications awaiting him on his computer. The summer had flown by and all of a sudden it was really time to get these sent in. Luke knew he was slightly late on this, but the pressure was just too much at times. Plus, the added frustration of less than desirable SAT scores and awaiting last year’s math teacher to complete that much needed letter of recommendation made the current beginning to the semester far from enjoyable. But all of those nerves needed to be pushed aside; it was time to get serious.


“Luke! Perfect timing! Dinner is ready,” his mother called as he walked through the house.


“Can I eat later? I really need to get going on my applications,” he replied.


“Well, of course you do. But you can spare a minute to eat first!”


            Lacking the energy to debate with her, Luke listened to his mom and joined her in the kitchen, although his mind still raced with college decision points. Pro and con lists spun around in his head, questions popped up every day – it was a crazy time and everybody around him knew it. Neighbors consistently hounded him for answers about from where he was hoping for an acceptance letter. Frankly, Luke didn’t know yet. Extensive research still needed to be done and he may have been tired, but he was nevertheless determined to do it. After that night’s dinner, the real admissions journey would begin.

Who is telling the story?



An unnamed narrator

Luke’s neighbor

Luke’s friend

Luke’s mother


While the ACT and the ACT Compass are both tests that are utilized by colleges to judge where potential students will be placed, the ACT Compass is an untimed test that is taken on a computer. Both tests have a number of different topics, including reading comprehension. One way to prepare for the ACT Compass reading portion is through Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools Question of the Day. This tool provides you with the ability to get a daily look at what types of test questions might be found on the ACT Compass, as well as how to comprehend the answers to those questions.

The Learning Tools Question of the Day for the ACT Compass Reading test will provide you with a new question each day, without overloading you with too much information at any one time. In each Question of the Day, you will be asked to read a passage, then answer a question. This question will usually ask you to comprehend a certain sentence or passage from the text, and ask you what the best possible answer is based on what you have read.

Once you have answered the question, the Question of the Day application will give you a number of different pieces of information that you may find helpful in your test preparation. Among the information provided includes how much time it took you to answer the question, how many others got the same question right, and what percentile you fall into based on your answer and how fast you answered. These tools allow you to base your abilities against others who are also preparing to take the ACT Compass test, as well as points out where you may be having difficulty. Beyond the statistics, the Question of the Day tool also shows you the difficulty rating of each question, as well as gives you an explanation of the answer to each question, which allows you to learn from any possible mistakes that you made and learn from them.

One of the main benefits of the Learning Tools ACT Compass Reading Question of the Day is your ability to get a new question each day from which to learn. Since there are a number of different concepts that may show up on the test, studying for them can be difficult. By using this tool on a daily basis, you will get a look at many different concepts that are found in the ACT Compass Reading test. Further, by seeing these concepts repeatedly, you may begin to feel more comfortable about them as time goes on. Also, by repeating these steps on a daily basis, you will become more comfortable with the style of test that you are preparing for, which can also be very important.

By using the ACT Compass Reading Question of the Day as one of your study methods for test preparation, you have the opportunity to gain a better awareness of what you will be going into on test day. When used along with other study methods, the Question of the Day can become a daily test to help you feel more comfortable and prepared for the ACT Compass Reading test, while also helping you to develop your reading comprehension more fully.

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