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Question of the Day: TOEIC

The natives of Australia were always few in number. Australia produced no grain of any sort naturally; neither wheat, oats, barley nor maize. It produced practically no edible fruit, excepting a few berries, and one or two nuts, the outer rind of which was eatable. There were no useful roots such as the potato, the turnip, or the yam, or the taro. The native animals were few and just barely eatable, the kangaroo, and the koala being the principal ones. In birds alone was the country well supplied, and they were more beautiful of plumage than useful as food. Even the fisheries were infrequent, for the coast line is unbroken by any great bays, and there is thus less sea frontage to Australia than to any other of the continents, and the rivers are few in number.

Adapted from Peeps at Many Lands: Australia by Frank Fox (1911)

What is the main idea of this passage?

There were few edible fruits in Australia

Australia has harsh living conditions that made it hard for natives to thrive

The coastline of Australia is rocky

Kangaroos and koalas are the best source of nutrition in Australia

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