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Question of the Day: SSAT Upper Level Math

A line passes through  and is perpendicular to the line of the equation . Give the -intercept of this line.

The line has no -intercept.

The Upper Level Secondary School Admission Test is designed for students who want to attend a private high school or academy. The tests are arranged by grade level; the four different versions of the Upper Level SSAT start at eighth grade and end at eleventh grade. Along with being used to measure the student’s understanding of core high school-level concepts, the SSAT is also a way many schools determine admissions. The test is comprised of 167 questions, which students are given slightly more than three hours to complete. The SSAT is divided into sections which cover writing, reading, verbal, and quantitative concepts, plus an experimental section, which is unscored. By accessing the Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools website, your high school learner will be given a number of resources to help them maximize their Upper Level SSAT study sessions.

The Question of the Day resource, which is accessible through the Learning Tools website, is a great feature that can help your learner prepare for the quantitative portion of the Upper Level SSAT. Your learner will be given a new, completely random question every day that helps them review SSAT Upper Level Math material that will be present in the SSAT Upper Level Quantitative section. By remembering to check the Question of the Day each day, your high school learner is promoting good study habits and working to reinforce the material they have covered. The Question of the Day is an essential part of your learner’s daily Upper Level SSAT Quantitative practice, as it helps them get an idea of what to expect on test day.

The problems asked by the Question of the Day are taken from a number of topics covered in the Upper Level SSAT Quantitative portion. These areas include algebra, data analysis, probability, geometry, and arithmetic sequences. By making the Question of the Day a part of your learner’s daily test review, they will have the opportunity to effectively prepare for the actual test. Another excellent feature of the Question of the Day is the explanation that accompanies each SSAT Upper Level Math sample problem. Here, your learner can get a detailed summary of the problem, including important formulas and vocabulary words. Moreover, it provides your learner with an explanation of how the correct answer was reached. This is especially helpful for students who learn from their mistakes, or excel at learning through independent study.

The Question of the Day is an excellent tool that enables your high school learner to get the most out of their SSAT Upper Level Quantitative practice. The fact that each question is randomized can inspire your learner to develop a greater understanding of the material so they can successfully answer each question. Moreover, by answering a new question every day, your learner is working to keep all of the information at the forefront of their mind. By using the Question of the Day alongside other key Learning Tools, such as Upper Level SSAT Flashcards, Learn by Concept, and Practice Tests, your learner will be able to build an individualized SSAT Upper Level Math study plan they can follow as they work toward test day.

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