SAT II Physics : Frictional Force

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Example Question #81 : Motion And Mechanics

 crate slides across a floor for  before coming to rest  from its original position.

What is the force due to friction?

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Correct answer:


Since there is only one force acting upon the object, the force due to friction, we can find its value using the equation . The problem gives us the mass of the crate, but we have to solve for the acceleration.

Start by finding the initial velocity. The problem gives us distance, final velocity, and change in time. We can use these values in the equation below to solve for the initial velocity.

Plug in our given values and solve.

We can use a linear motion equation to solve for the acceleration, using the velocity we just found. We now have the distance, time, and initial velocity.

Plug in the given values to solve for acceleration.

Now that we have the acceleration and the mass, we can solve for the force of friction.


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