A 50-year-old female client recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, presents to the clinic after having a history of several neurological symptoms and is asking the nurse about her condition. The nurse is glad to teach the client about multiple sclerosis.


Which of the following statements about multiple sclerosis is correct?

Multiple sclerosis is a autoimmune disease of the neuromuscular junction characterized by variable weakness of different muscle groups. 

Multiple sclerosis is a disease where excess release of dopamine and increase serotonin levels of the brain lead to neurological dysfunction.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the dopamine producing neurons of the substancia nigra of the midbrain, causing overall weakness. 

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive and chronic degenerative disorder. The condition leads to demyelination of the nerve fibers of the central nervous system, causing various neurological defects. 

Multiple sclerosis is a genetically transmitted disease which affects the basal ganglia and the extra pyramidal system with a deficiency of acetylcholine. The effects are seen in both physical and cognitive dysfunction.  

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