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Ancient Egyptian pharaohs weren’t always men: Hatshepsut, for example, is a famous ancient Egyptian female pharaoh. She accomplished a great deal while on the throne. She created trade routes and tried to import foreign trees to Egypt to grow there. [1] She died after reigning as pharaoh for twenty-two years. Afterward, someone tried to erase all mention of her in hieroglyphics and destroy any monuments dedicated to her. Luckily, some mentions of her still survived, which is why we still know about her rule today.


Assuming that all of the following statements are true, which would make the most sense if added to the paragraph at Location [1]?

One female pharaoh that we know about who preceded Hatshepsut is Sobekneferu.

Hatshepsut is recorded as having worn eyeliner.

She also commissioned many temples, monuments, and other buildings throughout Egypt.

Some sphinxes portraying Hatshepsut are adorned with false beards to show she held the title of pharaoh.

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