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Example Question #322 : Ged Social Studies

The Spanish colonial system of awarding a portion of the native population to an individual Spaniard, effectively enslaving the Native American population, is called __________.

Possible Answers:

the Treaty of Fontainebleau

the Treaty of Tordesillas

the Conquistador System

the Encomienda System

the Parsimony System

Correct answer:

the Encomienda System


The Encomienda System was established by the Spanish in the New World chiefly to facilitate the abuse of the Native American population as a source of labor. A Spanish official was granted the right to effectively own a portion of the native population and was free to force them into whichever form of labor was most immediately profitable, at the expense of millions of native lives. In exchange, the Spanish official was supposed to indoctrinate the native population into the Christian faith.

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