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My name is Kyle Funk And I am a mathematics, physics and biology tutor from the Los Angeles area. This spring I will receive my BS degree in mathematics from UCLA, and I plan on pursuing research in math in graduate school next year.
I have always had a passion for helping others succeed in their academic endeavors. Even when I was taking courses like AP Calculus, Introductory College biology, and Calculus-based Physics, I found myself leading the study groups that I had formed with my friends. And this enthusiasm has continued with me into a more formal setting. I have experience tutoring math and science at the Math center at Moorpark College, where students were able to come and receive free help on their math and science related questions.
I have take college level classes in Mathematics physics and biology, and I possess a deep understanding of these subjects, which allows me to provide better support in a few ways. First, I am able to provide insight on the more difficult problems one comes across in their studies. Second, I can explain concepts in multiple ways, which is a vital quality in a tutor for the times when a student is stuck on a particular part of a problem or concept. Finally, I am very adept at explaining why certain results or facts are true, rather than enforcing rote memorization.
I truly believe that anyone can succeed in an academic setting; the only requirements are patience and dedication, which I do my best to inspire in the people that I tutor. I encourage discipline while keeping the atmosphere light and fun, often making jokes and having a good time while also working hard. I try to tutor all subjects so that the student can build an appreciation for why it is important, besides doing well of the upcoming test.

Undergraduate Degree:

 UCLA - Bachelors, Mathematics

Guitar, Soccer, Math, Logic Puzzles and Games.

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