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Free ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Resources

Our free ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra learning tools offer a comprehensive suite of resources to help you improve your abilities in this area. We offer diagnostic tests, practice tests, flashcards, and well organized example content to let you dive in to any specific concept within ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra.

When you are ready to sign up for your first college courses, you want to be in the right classes. You certainly do not want to spend money or time on classes that are too easy, but you also do not want to start in a class that is too far above your skill set. That is why so many schools administer the Accuplacer tests to incoming students. These schools use the Accuplacer to place you correctly, which can help you start off your college education on the right track. If you are taking the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra test, your goal should be to display your algebra skills in their best light. Like the other Accuplacer exams, the Elementary Algebra test questions are generated by computer to take into account your individual knowledge of math, and the questions will get more challenging based on how you do on previous questions. The test consists of 17 questions and you do not have a time limit. You can take as long as you want to. So it is in your interest to take your time on each question and do your best to get the right answer. By doing so, you improve your chances to get a score that reflects your best math performance. The college will use that score to figure out what math class is the best fit for you in your first semester. What kinds of questions are on the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra test? A lot of it is what you probably remember studying in middle school or high school math. You will be asked to solve equations using the proper order of operations - such as solving what is inside parentheses before doing what is outside the parentheses. You will also be given equations that require you to make substitutions, simplify, and perform other basic algebraic concepts. You will see the familiar old variable “X” and be asked to solve for it. There may be linear equations, graphs and exponents to deal with. You will also be asked to do factoring and use quadratic equations. And of course you will be given some word problems to figure out. If you have not taken an algebra course recently, a good way to study for the test is to create a study guide of the concepts you’ll need to know. Our online Learning Tools for the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra test, as well as other algebra practice tools, can help you refresh your memory on what you were taught in middle school and high school. Read through some word problems online and practice figuring out the logic behind them. One way to be prepared for the test is to take our Accuplacer Elementary Algebra practice test. This will allow you to get a sense of what you will be asked to know, as well as what the test experience is like. You will even get a sense for how long you need to spend on different types of algebra questions. Some may be easier for you, while some may be more challenging and take you longer to solve. Remember, that is okay, because the Accuplacer is not a timed test. Pay attention to the areas where you may have struggled to find answers and make it a point to practice those types of questions some more before test day. Our free online Accuplacer Elementary Algebra flashcards are another great tool for studying. You can review them on your laptop or phone anytime, which is also a great way to review. The more you can review before you take the test, the more comfortable you’ll be on test day. And the more comfortable you are, the more likely you will perform at your best.

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