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These highly-credentialed SAT tutors in Chicago, IL are uniquely qualified to help you. They have attended institutions including MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and additional high-caliber institutions.

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Pomona College - Economics

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Northwestern University - Biological Sciences

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I went over the writing section today. I showed her all 10 rules that the SAT tests extensively, and worked through several practice problems for each rule. Normally, I would split this up over several days, to give her time to internalize each rule, but we can't with our expedited schedule. Since the Writing section is the least important in the admissions process, we're spending the least amount of time on it.

The student and I worked on SAT reading comprehension and grammar today. He did a full timed reading section which we went over. His vocab was not great, but reading comp is, overall, probably his strongest SAT subject. I continued to stress outlining as an effective method for paying attention to the reading passage.

The student and I met to review what happened in her last session. We reviewed her essays and the homework that I assigned. I then did some work to reassure her that her writing is quite good. I also worked through some English grammar with her but assigned little since I'll see her again in less than 48 hours.

Today we really dug deep into algebra and geometry--I made a couple custom worksheets targeting some areas that he had been having problems with in our previous sessions. We then reviewed the questions he missed on previous homework. As expected, the student is doing well on the critical reading and writing sections, though with a little more practice, I believe he could aim for a perfect or near perfect score on either of those sections. The next time we meet will be our last meeting, so I will prepare some math reviews and worksheets as well as general test day tips for the student to use on his own.

The student and I continued our practice and strategy discussions. He has yet to take a full length, timed practice test, which I think will be very valuable, but he is making good progress in applying strategies for difficult questions.

The student and I spent our last session working through SAT Writing and Reading Comprehension sections of her practice book. The student did very well with vocabulary but needed help in selecting the grammatically incorrect part of the sentence section.

Today the student and I worked on studying for the ACT, which she is taking in May. We worked primarily on the writing section of the SAT, going through practice problems of all three question types. We also worked on vocab.

Completion of one math section, topics covered included: writing out equations from word problems, rotations of graph of functions, triangle side and angle laws, permutations and combinations, integer manipulations, function inputs. Completion of one writing section, topics covered included: present progressive and gerunds, infinitive forms of verbs, passive forms of verbs, continuity of tenses, subject verb agreement. Completion of 8 sentence/ vocabulary completion sentences and addition of 25 more vocabulary words in the vocabulary bank

Finished practice test 5 and moved onto test 6. Focused on the math section, but also carefully reviewed the writing section. The student found the error identification section quite challenging and uncharacteristically struggled. Continued to define SAT vocabulary words that the student didn't know. At this point, she will need to practice on her own to reinforce the concepts I've covered and optimize her progress.

The student earned exactly a 2000 on his practice test that we completed today, an improvement of 130 over his last score! I feel really good about how well he did and think he can do even better than that on the actual test day. We'll do more practice sections with time next session, and then he'll be all set.

We continued working on Critical Reading skills (passage-based reading), focusing on identifying and highlighting important context clues. For the CR section we completed, the student's score was in the 520-580 range, which is similar to her current score. She does feel a bit more confident in her ability to eliminate questions now.

In between practice test sections, we added more new vocabulary cards to her quiver, reinforcing words that had given her issues in the recent past and adding some new ones to work on.

We focused finally on a writing multiple-choice section, working on identifying and classifying common mistakes and common threads between questions. We made sure to refer to the guide in the beginning of the study guide to make sure she's familiar with all the possible mistakes.

We continued to go over critical reading and math problems from practice tests. He did show some improvement on math, and seems to get the reading comprehension questions when he takes time to study them.

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