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Question of the Day: SAT II Math II

Define functions  and  as follows:

Evaluate .


The SAT Mathematics Level II Subject Test adds trigonometry and elementary functions, such as precalculus, to the test material to highlight your child’s higher-level math capabilities. Your child will have an hour to complete the exam. It has 50 multiple-choice questions and students are graded on a 200-800 point scale. As in the SAT Mathematics Level I exam, the topics of numbers and operations, algebra and functions, geometry, statistics, and probability are covered. It is extremely important to be prepared for the exam. That is where Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools Question of the Day comes in. With it, you can easily take away the tension of trying to cram for the test all at once. The Question of the Day provides a little practice each day, which allows your child to internalize and review materials that challenge them well in advance of the exam.

The daily test practice covers relevant topics that your child will be tested on. In fact, each SAT Mathematics Level II Subject Test review question comes from the many practice tests offered elsewhere on the Learning Tools website. Each question is written to mimic the test format, which is another advantage since your child can become more familiar with how each problem will be presented. The main idea of the Question of the Day is to give them a few minutes of practice each day. Over time, regular practice may help a student master the material they don’t know as well, and discover which topics are the most challenging. Your child can therefore focus on these concepts to fine-tune their SAT Math II Subject Test study plan and routine.

Each of the SAT Mathematics II daily test review questions is a math problem. Your child should take some time to work it out both on paper and in their head. Understanding the underlying concepts is most essential, and that’s what the free SAT Mathematics Level II Subject Test review is all about. Your child will see an analysis of their performance after choosing an answer. They’ll quickly see the correct response and several useful performance metrics. Your child will also see a detailed explanation of the answer and a description of the concepts involved. As they get more comfortable with their SAT Math II practice, your child can try a Practice Test to challenge their flexibility and endurance.

Other metrics shown on the results page include your child’s scoring percentile, time taken to solve each question, and the percentage of people who answered the question right. As standardized tests are designed to compare the knowledge and skills of each student to the whole, the Question of the Day is assessed in the same manner so your child can understand how they will be tested. They’ll also see how long it took them. While the daily SAT Math II test practice does not have a time limit, one can compare their solving speed each time. Such metrics can be used to determine one’s level of improvement. This free SAT Mathematics Level II Subject Test practice provided through Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools has many advantages, and gives your child a well-rounded opportunity to prepare for the exam.

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