SAT II Chemistry : Properties of Compounds

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Example Question #6 : Sat Subject Test In Chemistry

All of the following are properties of zinc. Which of the following are chemical properties of zinc?

A. Zinc produces hydrogen gas when placed in acid.

B. Zinc melts at .

C. The density of zinc is .

D. Zinc is a grey metal.

E. Zinc corrodes in moist air.

Possible Answers:


B and C

 A and E


A, C, and E 

Correct answer:

 A and E


Physical properties are aspects of matter that can be observed and measured without changing it. Chemical properties measure the potential for undergoing a chemical change. How zinc reacts to acid and in moist air are both chemical properties because the zinc is undergoing chemical change in each environment. The color, density, and melting point of the zinc can all be observed without changing the nature of the matter, so these are physical properties of zinc.

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