Test: ISEE Upper Level Reading

My dear old friend Sebastian used to tell me that he had something of a sliding scale regarding the musicians to which he could listen. For him, Bach was the most celestial of musicians, and he could listen to him for an eternity without ever being wearied. Mozart was likewise favorably judged, though Sebastian said that he could only endure his music for approximately three to five hours at a time. When it came to Richard Wagner, however, my dear friend was quite unable to bear the intensity of the composer’s works. In stark contrast to his great patience and love for the music of Bach, he could spend little more than five minutes listening to compositions by Wagner.


Based on its context in the selection above, what does the expression "sliding scale" (underlined) mean?

An instrument for measuring weight

An instrument for measuring length

A fickle sense of music

An ever-changing standard

A varying spectrum of preferences

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