Human Anatomy and Physiology : Help with Evaluation Methods for the Digestive System

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Help With Evaluation Methods For The Digestive System

Jen has been having issues digesting gluten throughout her life. Her doctors tell her that she has celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease that is causing her immune system to attack the brush border of her __________, which then prevents absorption and causes illness when she consumes gluten.

Possible Answers:


large intestine


small intestine

Correct answer:

small intestine


Celiac disease is an autoimmune response in which the body attacks the brush border of the small intestine and therefore prevents proper nutrient absorption. The small intestine's brush border is made of many small protrusions called villi and microvilli, which increase surface area in order to increase absorption area. Without these areas of absorption, the body cannot absorb a sufficient amount of necessary nutrients from the diet.

Example Question #2 : Help With Evaluation Methods For The Digestive System

Pain location: right lower quadrant, periumbilical, may radiate to the right flank

Aggravations: movement or coughing

Positive tests: right psoas sign, Rovsing test, Blumberg test, McBurney test

Which of the following abdominal disorders fits best with the given description?

Possible Answers:

Acute diverticulitis 

Acute cholecystitis

Acute pancreatitis 

Peptic ulcer

Acute appendicitis

Correct answer:

Acute appendicitis


Acute diverticulitis: left lower quadrant

Acute pancreatitis: epigastric, can radiate to back, poorly localized, leaning forward may help alleviate pain, laying supine aggravates. May have positive Grey Turner's sign and Cullen's sign.

Acute cholecystitis: Right Upper Quadrant, Positive Murphy Sign, may radiate into right shoulder and scapula

Peptic ulcer: epigastric, may radiate to back, wakens patient at night, possible relief with certain foods, gnawing/aching pain, heartburn

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