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Question of the Day: GED Language Arts (RLA)

Adapted from Heidi by Johanna Spyri (1880)

When the March sun had melted the snow on the mountain side and the snowdrops were peeping out all over the valley, and the fir trees had shaken off their burden of snow and were again merrily waving their branches in the air, Heidi ran backwards and forwards with delight first to the goat-shed then to the fir- trees, and then to the hut-door, in order to let her grandfather know how much larger a piece of green there was under the trees, and then would run off to look again, for she could hardly wait till everything was green and the full beautiful summer had clothed the mountain with grass and flowers. As Heidi was thus running about one sunny March morning, and had just jumped over the water-trough for the tenth time at least, she nearly fell backwards into it with fright, for there in front of her, looking gravely at her, stood an old gentleman dressed in black. When he saw how startled she was, he said in a kind voice, “Don’t be afraid of me, for I am very fond of children. Shake hands! You must be the Heidi I have heard of; where is your grandfather?”

Which of the following is the most accurate description of Heidi from the passage?

Narcissistic and careless

Worried and rambunctious

Cautious and pleasant

Reckless and disrespectful

Joyful and adventurous

The GED Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) Question of the Day is a great way to brush up on your skills prior to taking the GED. Question of the Day is a daily test practice, which encompasses only one question each day for the RLA topic. The question can be emailed to you, or you can access it through the website or the application. It is a great way you can work in daily test review with only a small amount of time, as it can be done anywhere and at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. This makes test review possible while riding the bus, waiting in line at the store or coffee shop, or while getting your oil changed.

Question of the Day for GED RLA is based on a wide variety of commonly asked questions or questions you may see on the language arts portion of the exam on test day. The questions may cover anything from evidence and argument or language usage and grammar, to reading comprehension. The questions are a random selection, so you will be able to cover all the areas, and keep them fresh in your mind.

After answering the question, you get a detailed and personalized report on your performance as a whole for all questions answered. This report details the number of correct and incorrect questions you have answered, how others who have answered the questions have done, and the amount of time it took you to answer each question. The results are shown in graph form, which is great to be able to picture where you are with your studying and where you need to improve. There is also an explanation of how to answer the question, so you will know if your reasoning for your answer was correct.

This detailed report also will help you to determine what areas are your strengths and which areas you need to strengthen. This will help you to streamline your test review so you can focus more on the areas that you need, rather than on all the possible content, which makes test review more manageable. So if your weaknesses are in passage meaning or inference, you can focus more on that than say, usage and grammar. However, Question of the Day still keeps the areas you are stronger in fresh in your mind for the exam day.

You can combine Question of the Day with the other free practice Learning Tools, such as Practice Tests, Flashcards, and Learn by Concept, to create a full spectrum test review that is completely customizable to your learning needs. Also, because of the number of different test review Learning Tools, you can use it to work with your study and learning style.

The GED is a way to show your career and college readiness, and proper test review is imperative. You can use the free Question of the Day to help fit test preparation into your busy schedule.

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