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Getting Into Graduate School

Featuring Brian Galvin

Varsity Tutors' Chief Academic Officer

About Brian

The owner of 99th percentile scores on the ACT and GMAT exams, Brian has over 3 million YouTube views of his standardized test strategy videos and has taught tens of thousands of SAT, ACT, GMAT, and GRE students. He is the co-author of test prep books for Veritas Prep and Varsity Tutors, and hosts the Varsity Tutors StarCourse series via which he creates lesson plans with astronauts, Olympians, TV hosts, and Oscar winners. Brian earned a masters degree in education from the University of Michigan, and serves as Chief Academic Officer at Varsity Tutors.

About the class

Applying to graduate school can be an arduous process: with so many programs to choose from, and often with each requiring its own suite of prerequisites, recommender qualifications, and professional experiences, just submitting an application can feel like a graduate-level project in and of itself. Fortunately, there’s help: join Varsity Tutors for a detailed overview of the admissions process, including:

•Key criteria to consider when choosing a degree path and target school
•The four core elements of a graduate school application, and the “fine print” to seek out long before you begin your application
•Lessons learned from those who came before you, of applications deferred or denied by details you need to consider
•Standardized testing strategies to plan your GRE journey and align your practice with peak performance

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