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Question of the Day: CMAS

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When you are a medical professional, you constantly search for new methods of improving and enhancing your expertise. As a medical auditor, you know how important your position is to ensure that physicians and medical professionals are both compliant and within profit margins. The American Association of Medical Audit Specialists offers a certification program during their annual conference to help you find new career opportunities in your field. However, as a working professional, you may not have studied for an exam in several years because you have not returned to school. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offers a range of free, online study tools like the Question of the Day to help busy professionals just like you prepare for important, career-changing qualification tests and certifications.

Individuals with a CMAS, or Certified Medical Audit Specialist, offer quality assurance, understanding of medical recording and coding risks, and can help document potential fraud or abuse. As a medical auditor, your position is extremely important, but expanding your expertise with a CMAS certification can improve your resume and help you find new positions. Receiving the CMAS certification, however, is no easy task. You must study to ensure you fully understand all of the information on the test, which you can’t do if you cram the night before going to the conference. Instead, you should spend a good amount of time leading up to your exam reviewing the information so that you can be fully prepared. The Learning Tools offer many different types of online study guides and questions to help you get daily test review for your CMAS exam. One of these great tools is the CMAS Question of the Day.

The Question of the Day is based on previous CMAS exams, and changes each day of the week. You can use this randomly generated question to test your knowledge of nearly every aspect of CMAS qualifications. The question is also timed; while you can take all the time you need to answer the Question of the Day, the timer helps you discover which questions are more difficult for you to answer, and also reduce the time you take to recall information accurately. Since the CMAS certification exam is timed, using the Question of the Day as part of your daily test practice will help you answer questions quickly and accurately.

When you scroll to the bottom of the Question of the Day, you can also see a detailed explanation about the correct answer. Whether you answered the question correctly or not, this explanation can offer new information and insight into the subject, helping you study more thoroughly, and giving you knowledge of the subject matter to better answer similar questions in the future. The more information you have for your CMAS test review each day, the more knowledgeable you will be when you take the exam.

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