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Question of the Day: CLEP College Math

A right triangle is given with a missing value of . It is stated that the triangle is an acute right triangle with angles  and . What is a possible value of in degrees?

Cannot be determined

As you begin college, you may be required to take a variety of standardized tests. One of them is the CLEP College Mathematics examination. It is required for students even if they are not math majors or pursuing a field that requires advanced mathematics knowledge. The test has about 60 questions, some of which are not scored. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam. Half of the test consists of straightforward problems, while the other half will require you to answer problems related to concepts and the application of specific skills. The topics covered include algebra and functions, counting and probability, data analysis and statistics, financial math, geometry, logic and sets, and numbers. The free CLEP College Mathematics practice provided by the Question of the Day from Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools is intended to assist you as you prepare for the exam.

The Question of the Day gives you a quick way to fit some daily CLEP Math test review into a busy routine. It gives you the opportunity to do a CLEP College Mathematics test review that can help identify what you know and reveal what you need more work on. The topics of the daily test practice are quite focused. By finding out the topics and concepts that are your weakest points, you can adjust your CLEP Mathematics study plan and focus on these rather than the entire subject. Every question is relevant to the subject, and each question helps to gauge your performance level and decide where to put more of your time and energy.

The topics covered by the CLEP Math Question of the Day are the same as on the CLEP College Mathematics practice tests. The Question of the Day is selected at random from the hundreds of CLEP Math practice tests offered through Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools. You may see any of the mathematical concepts covered in the CLEP Mathematics exam. Being tested at random keeps you on your toes, and it may help to condition your mind and skill set to work more quickly. With practice, you may find that you are able to select and work through answers faster and with more confidence.

As with the practice tests, the Question of the Day provides feedback and enables you to read an explanation of the answer. This information can be a helpful addition to your CLEP Math study plan, as it shows why an answer is correct. It lets you focus on what exactly to review if the answer you provided was wrong. The free CLEP College Mathematics test review you get when you answer the Question of the Day also helps keep the topics fresh in your mind. In addition to being randomized, it is scored like the real test. This may help you get used to the format and understand how your performance will be assessed. The Question of the Day series is just one option out of the many resources available from Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools that enable you to do a thorough CLEP Math review. Come test day, a little practice here and there can go surprisingly far in understanding the right concepts at the right time.

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