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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Data

The owner of a zoo wants to find out which animal exhibit is the most popular. The owner decided to take a random sample of the zoo's visitors to find out which exhibit was the visitor's favorite. Out of the  visitors of the zoo last Friday, the owner asked  visitors which exhibit was their favorite. The results are shown in the provided table.   

What inference can be made based on the results shown in the provided table? 

Screen shot 2016 03 01 at 9.42.51 am

Possible Answers:

No inference can be made based on this data

The Fish Exhibit is the least popular 

The Snake Exhibit is the least popular  

The Panda Exhibit is the least popular 

Correct answer:

The Fish Exhibit is the least popular 


We can use data from a random sample to make inferences about a population. In this case, our population is all of the visitors of the zoo on Friday, and the random sample is the  visitors that were randomly selected by the owner and asked which exhibit was their favorite.

Based on our answer choices, we are making an inference about which animal exhibit is the least popular. The fish received the least votes out of the owner's pole; thus, we can infer—based on these results—that the Fish Exhibit is the lest popular exhibit at the zoo. 

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