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Hi! I'm Kayla. I am an undergraduate student at MIT studying chemical engineering and biomedical science. I am taking some personal time off from school right now and will be available to tutor until the month of January.

I love tutoring; I have been teaching, mentoring, and tutoring for almost 7 years. In high school, I first found a love for education when I saw how much my sister struggled in school. I wanted to help her all the time and I realized that classmates of mine and other students in general really benefited from one-on-one academic attention from someone they could relate to . So, I became a tutor on my high school's campus working with all grade levels, primarily in math. I also volunteered doing homework help at my local library after school, teaching all grade levels (K-12) in a variety of subjects. I went on to be a private tutor for one summer teaching middle school math to two 6th grade clients. I also worked for one summer as an Assistant Instructor with Galileo Learning teaching Intro Java programming to middle school students. When I left home to move to MIT, I worked with Tutoring Plus Cambridge creating STEM enrichment curriculum and tutoring middle school students. I also joined Amphibious Achievement, a dual athletic-academic program. With them, I am a mentor and a tutor to low-income high school students and I previously served as the Director of College Counseling. In that role, I created curriculum to teach groups of high school juniors and seniors SAT prep; in addition, we worked with them from start to finish on their college applications with everything from making a college list to financial aid and scholarships.

To be honest, schools can't do it all. Public schools everywhere are struggling to keep up with large classroom sizes, not enough teachers, dwindling resources, and a lack of community support. I know that private schools aren't always an option; my own parents sent me to public school. However, I did achieve a great deal in high school, and I believe that every other student can do the same. I think that success in academics really stems from three things: an unwavering work ethic, confidence, and parental support. Now, anyone can work hard and still not do as well as they want to. That is when confidence is key. Sometimes, students work so hard at home studying constantly, but end up bombing exams in the classroom or they don't want to ask questions, or sometimes they're even scared to try a higher difficulty level. It is very important for students to realize that they can do it and they can do it well. Sometimes they need a little extra support or a little bit of a push from someone else, but in the end, it has to come from within. No one can force someone to learn, even a tutor. I believe that it is very important as a tutor to understand the student and work with them to set big goals and process goals along the way because you have to keep working little by little to reach a larger goal. I think that teaching styles must be adapted to suit the student and that alternative material must be considered in some cases. I also strongly believe that there must be a relationship between tutor and student. If they don't respect and trust me, I can't teach them no matter how hard either of us try. Finding the best fit between the two individuals is mutually beneficial. I also believe that tutors and instructors must encourage critical thinking so that material is actually absorbed and can be applied, rather than regurgitated. This is something that is a very large part of MIT's teaching philosophy as well. You are unprepared to perform if you don't have a true grasp of the information given to you whether that is in the classroom during a test or in the real world when working on a project.

I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without my parents, great teachers, and anyone else who helped me along the way. I want to be able to help, even just a little bit. I love teaching and I love working with students and I love watching others realize their own potential. I hope that you can get a sense of my great passion for education from this personal statement, and I hope that you find the best fit for whatever you need support with.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Current Undergrad, Chemical Engineering

SAT Writing: 750

AP Calculus AB: 4

AP Statistics: 4

AP English Literature: 5

AP English Language: 4

AP US History: 4

AP U.S. Government & Politics: 5

Volunteering, reading, cooking, video games, swimming, painting