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As a student, I understand the frustrations of lacking understanding of a topic, despite having the knowledge, and the frustrations of lacking the knowledge because of lack of interest. As a tutor, I hope to be able to use my experiences as a student to produce outstanding students.

I am interested in tutoring Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) and Pre-algebra.
My initial exposure to A & P dates back to my undergraduate years, learning the basics in structures and functions of the ten organ systems of the human body. Currently a medical student, I have obtained even more knowledge in these fields. A&P is a subject with a lot to memorize and plenty of concepts to understand, both of which I was able to accomplish through use of diverse learning methods.
Pre-algebra was one of my favorite topics in high school, maybe as a result of or is the outcome of my rapid understanding of the subject. I often assisted my high school math teacher in explaining the material to my peers. Even more recent, I have assisted a family member with the topics of slope, two-step equations, binomials and polynomials. As a student of pre-algebra, doing many practice problems helped in solidifying my knowledge.

I believe in the cliché that states, "Experience is the perfect teacher". As an experienced student, I have a fostering desire to inspire my fellow students to make full use of their God-given intellect to maximize their potentials. This desire is my driving force as I assume the teacher/tutor post; I will not quit until my student is able to teach their peers.

Undergraduate Degree:

 The University of Texas at Arlington - Bachelors, biology

dancing, cooking, lab research, and attending weddings

Anatomy & Physiology