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I'm an Economics major at Vassar College who has tutored peers and children for four years, and have learned as much from teaching as those I've taught. In my experience it is easiest for a student to learn when their teacher engages with them directly and adapts their way of teaching to the learning style and interests of the student. This has always been how I have learned most effectively as a student, and is how I attempt to instill knowledge as a teacher.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Vassar College - BS, Mathematics

ACT Composite: 34

ACT English: 35

ACT Math: 31

ACT Reading: 35

ACT Science: 36

SAT Math: 710

SAT Verbal: 800

SAT Mathematics Level 2: 780

SAT Subject Test in Chemistry: 720

SAT Subject Test in Literature: 700

SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 1: 750

SAT Subject Test in World History: 730

Reading, drawing, acting

10th Grade Reading

11th Grade Math

12th Grade Math

12th Grade Reading

1st Grade Reading

2nd Grade Reading

3rd Grade Reading

4th Grade Reading

5th Grade Reading

6th Grade Math

6th Grade Reading

7th Grade Math

7th Grade Reading

8th Grade Math

8th Grade Reading

9th Grade Math

9th Grade Reading

Adult Literacy

College English

College World History

Elementary School Math

Elementary School Reading

General Chemistry

High School Chemistry

High School English

High School World History

Middle School Reading

SAT Subject Tests Prep

What is your teaching philosophy?

I think teaching is not just about passing information from one person to another. I believe that in order to truly succeed as a teacher, your student must make the discoveries themselves. Instead of just telling the answer, it is better to nudge and encourage them in such a way that they learn how to find the answer themselves.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

In a first session with a student, I try to really connect with my student. It is important that I understand not only where the student is excelling and struggling, but that I know how the student thinks and what style of tutoring they are most receptive to. There is no one strategy that works for every student, so on the first session I work with the student using multiple strategies across as broad a section of the material as possible. After we have done this, I talk to my student about what we felt worked and what didn't so we can know how to move forward on future sessions.