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Example Question #1 : Endocrine Pharmacology

The home health nurse reviews the types of insulin prescribed to the client diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 1. Which of the following insulins experiences peak action between 6-12 hours?

Possible Answers:





Isophane (NPH)

Correct answer:

Isophane (NPH)


It is essential for the nurse to know the onset, peak, and duration of actions for all types of insulin. Rapid-acting insulins lispro and aspart have an onset between 10-30 minutes, peak between 30 min to 3 hours, and have a duration of 3-6 hours. Regular insulin has an onset between 30-60 min, peaks between 1-5 hours, and lasts 6-10 hours. Intermediate-acting insulins isophane (NPH) has an onset between 1-2 hours, peaks between 6-12 hours, and lasts 16-24 hours. Very long-acting insulin glargine has an onset between 3-4 hours, does not peak because it works continuously, and lasts 24 hours.

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