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Experience ACT tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in Chicago, IL. Top tutors will help you master the ACT through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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Talented ACT tutors are nearby and highly prepared to assist you in your educational journey. They hail from the highest caliber of schools including MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and other highly ranked institutions.

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Undergraduate Degree:
Washington University In St. Louis - Pre Med, Psychology Major, Women And Gender Studies Minor

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Undergraduate Degree:
Knox College - Creative Writing

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Undergraduate Degree:
Loyola University Chicago - Mathematics

How we help you master: ACT PREP


Our educational director will build your personal ACT learning profile, including strengths and weaknesses.


Your instructor will identify your current skill level in ACT, as well as specific weaknesses to be addressed.


You will surpass your learning goals with an education program personalized to your needs.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I reviewed her last practice test, and she's steadily improving. She does have extra time on both English and Math, so we identified the types of problems she tends to miss and came up with a way to spend her last few minutes more effectively, so she can catch those last few questions she's missing. We practiced a bit more with Reading passages, and she's going to start coming up (and sticking) with answers before she reads the choices. She usually knows exactly how to answer them, but can get misled by the choices given.

Today the student and I continued working on the reading section, solidifying our tactics for approaching the questions. We then moved on to the science section and tried to focus on defining what each question is asking before returning to the passages to find the relevant information. We touched briefly on the math section to keep the student in practice and discuss some of the more difficult questions, before returning to the reading section and practicing active reading techniques.

Because the student had her first try at the test tomorrow, we tried to really focus on her trouble spots such as math and science. We talked about ways to be efficient with the science since the time is very limited.

This session we reviewed reading and math sections and then began to work on the science section. This was the student's first attempt at the reading section using a hard time limit. She rushed a bit and ended up getting a worse score on a couple of passages than she could have. She showed improvement in math, both numerically and conceptually. I assigned a reading and a science section for next session.

The student did very well on his assigned work, missing only a couple questions which were easily explained. We then finished examining the ACT English content, and I assigned a full ACT English practice test to complete for next time. There was some extra time after that, so we began looking at the ACT Math content briefly as well.

The student and I worked on ACT math and science today and went over the results of a practice math and practice science section. She is doing a fantastic job - her Math score jumped 4 points in the past two weeks and her Science score is up 2 points!!! In Math, we still need to concentrate a little more on the plane and coordinate geometry formulas and in Science, we just need more exposure in general.

The student and I started off by going over the main concepts found in word problems: percents, probability, and ratios. I taught her strategies for each one of these and again emphasized making flashcards for strategies and formulas. We then went over the science reading passages; she is very strong in analyzing a scientific passage and answering these types of the questions.

Today we looked more in-depth at the improving paragraphs portion of the writing section. We also reviewed a bit of grammar, as we went through it. The student is quite bright, but needs more grounding in the rules of grammar to really shine on this section. She often can use the process of elimination to find the right answer, regardless, and we have spent a good amount of time discussing the ins and outs of how the questions are written, to help with this further. The student does best when she walks me through her thought process as she answers the questions. This has gotten some better, but there is always room for improvement.

The student and I worked on all four subtests. She got a 30 on a reading test and was doing well on the other practice problems we did. She is gaining confidence and practicing strategies. She's doing well!

Today the student and I met for the first time to go over the diagnostic ACT I had assigned. We went through the ones she got wrong and identified her strengths as well as some weak spots, which included comma rules, subject-verb agreement, trig functions, fractions, and fiction reading. Our plan going forward is to focus one section of the test (this week being Writing) between Monday and Thursday. On Thursday we will go over her assignment and work through another section together. We will then start working on Science or Reading, and the student will have to work on these two sections over the weekend for Monday. We will then work on Math from Monday to Thursday and see where we are and what in our approach needs to be changed. It was great meeting the student today, and I know our sessions are going to go very well!

The student and I went through a short portion of each section to gauge where to best focus our attention. I assigned the math section of test five as homework, so we can delve a little deeper into those math concepts that don't seem to be sticking. He also said he will have time starting next week to read on his own, so we'll start reading homework then.

The first student and I focused on reading and science during our session, completing the reading section we had started and beginning a new science section. We also completed one English passage to keep the topics fresh in her mind. She continues to do very well, and it is clear that she is paying more attention to the details that held her back previously.

The second student and I focused mostly on reading this session, completing 4 reading passages and 2 science passages. We are still practicing using the questions and key words method, which she seems to prefer, and she has gotten much better at understanding the main idea of the passage. She does sometimes struggle with connecting this main idea with the questions, however, so we will continue to practice using this method. As for science, she continues to demonstrate a high level of comfort with the tables and graphs in the passages.

How can a tutor help you master the ACT?

Varsity Tutors helps Chicago students reach their highest potential on the ACT exam in the comfort of your own home or any other location of your choosing.

We offer intensive 4 and 6 week ACT programs, as well as customized plans, to give you the "Varsity Boost" on your ACT score, significantly increasing your chances of admission to your first-choice colleges.

More and more high school juniors each year are turning to the ACT. The ACT is notable for judging not just reasoning but a student’s knowledge in four core subjects (English, mathematics, reading, and science), with an optional writing section. Each subject is scored on a 1–36 scale, and the total score is an average of each section. The ACT requires a student to demonstrate both knowledge in specific subjects and reasoning abilities. This blend of a broad knowledge base and a specific format to the test makes studying for the ACT quite different than studying for other standardized tests. Private ACT tutoring can help you sort out the materials and structures of the exam, helping you reach your college goals.

A Varsity Tutors instructor works one-on-one with each student to create an individualized lesson plan. For a multifaceted test like the ACT, this individual plan allows a student to focus on the areas and strategies that need the most work. The experienced tutors at Varsity Tutors are experts on the ACT, and can fine-tune a student’s studying to make the test easier and more familiar. By working on a combination of developing specific knowledge, practicing test-taking strategies, and bolstering analytical abilities, ACT tutoring from Varsity Tutors can help students achieve their hoped-for score. There are several formats for ACT tutoring, and we will work to present the material in the format that works best for you.

Intensive 4 and 6 Week ACT Prep Programs in Chicago, IL

Varsity Tutors provides intensive 4 and 6 week ACT prep programs for college applicants seeking admission into their first-choice institutions. Our ACT programs in Chicago, IL meet 3 times per week for 2 hours per day for either 4 or 6 weeks. If you are unable to attend all 6 weeks of our Chicago ACT class, you may take the compacted 4 week course. We can help you achieve an exceptional ACT score and significantly improve your chances of admission into your dream school. Our ACT tutors in Chicago, IL thoroughly assess your current knowledge base, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan to give you the best chance of increasing your ACT score.

Your hand-picked, highly credentialed Chicago ACT tutor is dedicated to ensuring that you stay on schedule and make continual progress. They will provide assignments between sessions and provide tutoring for all four sections of the test, in addition to the optional Writing Assessment.

If you are seeking a more flexible program that meets less frequently, you can consider a customized program that may be a better fit with your schedule (see below).

Customized ACT Prep Programs in Chicago, IL

Varsity Tutors provides fully customized ACT prep programs in Chicago, IL tailored to your needs and varying schedules. Our talented private ACT tutors meet individually with you in your home, or another Chicago location of your choice, and sessions are scheduled around your classes, extra-curriculars, and other activities. Our Directors provide free ACT-focused consultations in which you will learn how our hand-picked, highly credentialed tutors can help you achieve your test goals around your busy schedule; in the free ACT consultation, we will thoroughly assess any scores you have already received as well as how those scores will impact your likelihood of acceptance to your target colleges. Call us today and our Chicago Directors will discuss your goals, schedule, and specific needs and create a customized plan that meets your ACT goals in the most efficient manner.

How does a Varsity Tutor in Chicago, IL help you prepare for the ACT? Varsity Tutors helps you reach your highest potential on the ACT exam in the comfort of your own home or another location of your choice. Our Chicago tutors impart lifelong problem solving skills to tackle new questions, significantly improving your score potential on the ACT. Using personalized approaches, not a "one-size fits all" method, Varsity Tutors will guide you through the entire ACT test-taking experience - calming those pre-test jitters and reassuring post-test anxiety. Our Chicago ACT tutors offer expert coaching on all four sections of the ACT: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science, as well as the optional Writing Assessment.

All of our ACT prep in Chicago, IL have scored in a top percentile on the ACT themselves and know how to help others score just as well. Having recently prepared for and taken the tests themselves, they are familiar with the question formats and test details. Because of their experiences and teaching expertise, our tutors can help you quickly identify and solve ACT problems, significantly improving test scores. Our Chicago ACT tutors are ready to give your ACT score the signature “Varsity Boost”!

Please contact us today about our ACT tutoring services in Chicago, IL. We are dedicated to your academic success and future.

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