Praxis Reading : Distinguishing fact from opinion

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Brief Statements

According to the 2011 Census, just under 33,000 Canadians self-identified as Buddhist. As a devoted member of a secluded Buddhist community, that number seemed low to me.

The first sentence of the passage expresses a(n) ____________ while the second expresses a(n) ________________.

Possible Answers:

opinion . . . quantifiable fact

example . . . quantifiable fact

educated opinion . . . invalid opinion

statistic . . . educated opinion based on private research

quantifiable fact . . . opinion

Correct answer:

quantifiable fact . . . opinion


This question asks you to make a simple distinction between fact and opinion. The first sentence cites a statistical, quantifiable fact (note that the number quoted is particular to the number on the Census, and no broader claim is made), the second expresses a purely speculative opinion based on anecdotal evidence particular to the speaker's experiences and cultural context.

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