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The Silvermine Railway's F train takes a loop through the region in which it operates. It stops at five passenger stops-- Aberdeen, Basilica, Habermark, Ramrock, and Terroire, although not necessarily in that order. The F train begins and ends each loop at the railyard, which is not considered a passenger stop. The order of the stops on the route must conform to the following conditions without exception:

The F train stops at each of the five passenger stops exactly once per loop and does exactly two complete loops per day. The railyard is where the train begins and ends each loop. After leaving the railyard at the beginning of the day, the train will stop at each of the five passenger stops before completing its loop by returning to the railyard. The train will then proceed to stop at each of the five passenger stops once again (in the same order it did the first time around) before once again stopping at the railyard and thus completing its second and final loop of the day.

The F train will never stop at Habermark and Basilica consecutively.

The F train will stop at at least two other passenger stops two times before stopping at Aberdeen for the second time. 

If Terroire is the third stop, then Habermark is the second stop.

If Aberdeen is the fourth stop, then Habermark is not the fifth stop. 

Aberdeen is earlier on the route than at least one of Habermark and Ramrock.


Which of the following lists of five stops is a possible order of stops that the F train made at passenger stops in a single day?

Terroire, Basilica, Ramrock, Habermark, Aberdeen

Habermark, Terroire, Aberdeen, Ramrock, Basilica

Basilica, Habermark, Terroire, Aberdeen, Ramrock

Aberdeen, Basilica, Ramrock, Habermark, Terroire

Aberdeen, Basilica, Terroire, Ramrock, Habermark

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