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Example Question #1 : Mathematical Process Categories

A swimming pool was drained of water. At 8:56 AM, the water in the pool was 5.7 ft high. At 9:10 AM, the water level in the pool was 2.9 ft high.

Using this information, determine the average rate of change in water height during this period of time.

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


The value we are trying to find is an average rate of decrease. In other words, we are looking for how much, on average, the water level decreased in a minute. To find the average, take the total difference in water level and divide it by the total difference in time. 

The total change in water height is given by the ending height minus the starting height: 

The total change in time is the amount of minutes that pass between 8:56 AM and 9:10 PM:

Therefore, the average rate of decrease is , which is equivalent to:


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