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Question of the Day: GRE Subject Test: Biology

Which of the following probes are most commonly used in southern blotting?



Nucleic acids

Biotin-binding proteins

A great way to show your knowledge in biology and that you are prepared for a successful future in an advanced biology degree program is with the GRE Subject Test in Biology. In order to put your best foot forward, a successful and comprehensive study system is necessary. The GRE Subject Test in Biology Question of the Day is a great tool to implement daily test review into your schedule.

The Question of the Day is a daily test practice tool that uses randomized questions from all the topics and subtopics of the possible questions that may appear on the exam. The three main topics are cellular and molecular biology, organismal biology, and ecology and evolution. These topics are further broken down into subtopics. Your questions may range from animal biology to plant biology or from DNA analysis to genetic manipulation. The randomization of the questions helps to keep information fresh in your mind as you progress through your test preparation. And by doing only one question each day, you can thoroughly understand the one question, without it becoming muddled with other information.

As you consistently answer the Question of the Day for the GRE Subject Test in Biology, it helps you to determine areas that you are stronger in and what areas may need a little more focus. This makes test review much less overwhelming than trying to revisit all the biology topics you covered while obtaining your undergraduate degree or graduate degree, and allows you to spend additional time on the topics needed, for instance, cellular biology. Also by answering the Question of the Day consistently, you create a daily habit of test review by answering the question each day.

When you answer the Question of the Day for GRE Subject Test in Biology each day, you receive a detailed explanation of the correct answer. It is beneficial in learning and internalizing the material on the test to review these explanations. Maybe you answered the question correctly, however, your reasoning was incorrect. The explanation will help you to know where you went wrong and improve your overall test preparedness.

The Question of the Day also provides you with a report displaying your performance as a whole based on the number of questions you have answered correct and incorrect, how long it has taken you to answer each question, and the average time it takes others to answer the questions. You are also told how others have answered each question, as well as the difficulty of the question. This may help you to better plan for a successful test review.

For a complete self-study package and free test review, you can combine the Question of the Day for the GRE Subject Test in Biology with the other Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools, which include Practice Tests, Flashcards, and Learn by Concept, an interactive syllabus with topics and corresponding sample questions. This will help you to create a personalized and comprehensive study plan, making test review more efficient. You can access all of the Learning Tools through the website or application, so test review can be done anywhere and anytime that is convenient for you.

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