Test: GRE Subject Test: Biology


Some inherited diseases of the liver, including Wilson's Disease, are primarily or entirely genetically determined. Wilson's Disease results when a defect in a copper transporter in the small intestine occurs, leading to copper level disregulation in both the hepatocytes and the systemic circulatory system. Mutations have primarily been found in the copper transporter that helps load copper onto a transport protein, apoceruloplasmin, which normally creates serum-soluble ceruloplasmin with the addition of copper. Given this defect, serum studies of an individual with Wilson's Disease would likely show what kind of change in serum ceruloplasmin compared with a normal individual?

Increased serum ceruloplasmin

Decreased serum apoceruloplasmin

The comparison cannot be estimated

Decreased serum ceruloplasmin

Equivalent serum ceruloplasmin

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