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Question of the Day: BLS

Which of the following is not a sign of puberty?
The presence of underarm hair in males.
Turning 13 years old(becoming a teenager)
Any breast development in females.
The presence of chest hair in males.

Healthcare positions are growing every year, and are anticipated to continue growing well into the future. If you are looking for a Basic Life Support (BLS)-related field to dive into, you will need to be prepared for various exams. When it comes to studying, you need to prepare using material based on the exam. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools, particularly the Question of the Day, offer you a way to strengthen your knowledge of BLS, and other topics. BLS certification is mandatory for EMT, nursing, physician assistant, and paramedic students to be allowed to work. It is even mandatory in non-medical professions. With the right combination of Learning Tools, you can have daily test practice for free.

The Learning Tools are free to use, whether you're using Android, Apple, or other products to access them. The Question of the Day is one of the ways you can prepare for BLS testing. The question chooses a random question each day that imitates the real exam. By working with realistic questions, you can assess your abilities in BLS. The daily question can present a fun way to stimulate your mind while testing yourself. You can further take advantage of other Learning Tools, like flashcards, to practice new and old concepts alike.

BLS covers a range of specific topics, which all appear in the study material provided through the Learning Tools. You will hone your skills in Rescuer Adult BLS, Second Rescuer AED and SWITCH, First Rescuer Bag-Mask Ventilation, Rescuer Infant BLS, and Rescuer CPR and SWITCH. With the daily question, you can get regular test review to help you work on your studies. In addition, the Question of the Day can help you alongside your current coursework in the year or so before you take your exam. With the Learning Tools, you get ample practice with concepts that you need for your profession. The questions are timed, but you can take them at your leisure for opportunistic study.

The Question of the Day offers you more than a daily pop quiz with one multiple-choice answer. The randomly elected question changes every day, and is taken across by a variety of students. When you answer the question, you get a full profile of your response. You are given a percentile, a counter of your right and wrong answers, and a detailed explanation to the answer. In addition, you can see how much time you spent on the question. All of this can give you an idea of your preparation level in a particular concept for the BLS certification exam.

You can pair Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools together to form a study plan that is unique to your needs. Practice tests can inform you of where you need to be focusing; flashcards can reinforce information; and Learn by Concept can help you dive deeper into particularly challenging concepts. Whether you need to work on improving your knowledge of adult emergency responder care or squaring off for the big test, there's never been a person who wished they had prepared less. Look to the Learning Tools for your BLS certification study needs.

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