Biochemistry : Covalent Bonds

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Example Question #1 : Fundamental Macromolecules And Concepts

Which of the following types of bonding or interactions does not usually characterize the interactions which occur between an enzyme's active site and its substrate?

Possible Answers:

Hydrogen bonding

Hydrophobic interactions

Van der Waals interactions

All of these bond types are exhibited in enzyme-substrate binding.

Covalent bonding

Correct answer:

Covalent bonding


Covalent bonding is too strong to allow for the enzyme to subsequently release the substrate or product (depending on if the initial substrate or eventual product does the covalent bonding). Thus, it permanently inhibits the enzyme active site and prevents it from continuing its activity. All of the other interactions are much weaker and allow the enzyme to release the product. They are all ways in which active sites interact with their substrates. 

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