Test: AP Human Geography

There are many conflicts in the world today caused by ethnic competition. Many wars and acts of terrorism are labeled as an "Ethnic Cleansing" or a "Genocide". Sometimes these two terms are mistaken to mean the same thing although they are not always the same. 


How is a "Genocide" is different from an "Ethnic Cleansing"?

A "Genocide" must number more than 1 million deaths but an "Ethnic Cleansing" does not have to reach any particular death toll quota. 

None of these correctly differentiates between "Ethnic Cleansing" and "Genocide."

An "Ethnic Cleansing" can be used in reference to the Holocaust of WWII as the Jewish ethnicity was attacked, but the term "Genocide" can not be applied to this historic event because it does not specify the ethnic conflict.  

A "Genocide" can include mass killings for reasons other than ethnicity while an "Ethnic Cleansing" is a mass killing solely based on ethnic conflict. 

An "Ethnic Cleansing" refers to a war caused only by a racial bias while a "Genocide" can be in reference to any act of violence due to any genre of biases. 

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