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Example Question #31 : Inferential Understanding In Nonfiction Passages

Brandi Chastain - A Soccer Champion

Molly Kubik, 2016

The year 1999 was a big year for women's soccer.  The United States Women's Soccer team played the Chinese Women's Soccer in the finals of the Women's World Cup.  They were tied 4-4 in the final game.  The whole world watched this game to see would be the World Champion.  Over 90,000 people came to the game, which was hosted at the Rose Bowl in California, and over forty million people across the world watched the game on television.  Because the game was tied, the winner had to be decided with penalty kicks.  Everyone watched as United States player Brandi Chastain lined up to take her penalty kick, which would decide the game.  She lined up, ran, and shot the ball!  The ball flew into the upper right corner of the net.  The Chinese goalie couldn't reach it.  Brandi Chastain had scored!  The United States won the game 5-4.  They were the World Champions! Many people say that this was the most important moment of Brandi Chastain's whole soccer career.   Brandi had always been a standout soccer player since she was very young.  She played soccer in high school and college.  She even played on the champion World Cup soccer team in 1991 and went to the 1996 Olympic games, where she won a gold medal.  Soccer had always been a very important part of Brandi's life.  In 1993, Brandi played professional soccer in Japan because there was no professional women's team in the United States for her to join.  While she played there, she was voted to be the most valuable player.  When she returned to the United States, she could not play professional soccer because there was still no professional women's team!  Finally, in the spring of 2000, the United States formed a professional women's soccer league.  Brandi Chastain played for San Francisco.  As usual, Brandi remained in the spotlight.  She was never afraid to play against tough teams and win.  Brandi Chastain is truly a soccer champion. 

Based on the passage, what are two adjectives that can describe Brandi Chastain?

Possible Answers:

Fearful and angry

Average and timid

Nervous and embarrassed

Confident and hardworking

Correct answer:

Confident and hardworking


Based on the passage, the reader can infer that Brandi Chastain is confident and hardworking. Brandi Chastain is confident because she is mentally prepared to take a very important penalty kick for the United States. She is hardworking because she has made it to the World Cup, which takes a dedication and hard work.

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