PSAT Math : How to graph a point

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Example Questions

Example Question #4 : Graphing

A point at  in the standard coordinate plane is shifted right 5 units and down 3 units.  What are the new coordinates of the point?

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


The point  shifted to the right 5 units will shift along the x-axis, meaning that you will add 5 to the original x-coordinate, so the new . The point shifted down by three units will shift down the y-axis, meaning that you will subtract three from the original y-coordinate, so the new .

The resultant coordinate is .  

Example Question #1 : Graphing


Give the coordinates of the point plotted in the above set of coordinate axes.

Possible Answers:

None of the other responses is correct.

Correct answer:


The point can be reached from the origin by moving 2 units right then 6 units up. This makes the first coordinate 2 and the second coordinate 6.

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