Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

If a wine receives a high score from the National Sommelier Association, it is more likely to be sold in fine-dining restaurants. A new wine from Oregon just received a high score from the National Sommelier Association. Therefore, it is more likely to be sold in fine-dining restaurants. 


Which of the following choices most closely reflects the reasoning in the argument above?

Famous actors tend to appear in popular movies. Popular movies often feature famous actors. Therefore, it is unlikely to find a popular movie without famous actors. 

Using recycled materials is beneficial to the environment. Some newspapers only use recycled paper in their products. Therefore, a newspaper is likely to be beneficial to the environment. 

Brighter colors attract more attention. The professor attracts a lot of attention. Therefore, he probably tends to wear more bright colors. 

Pearls that are larger than average are more likely to retail for a higher price. A pearl diver found a dozen pearls that are much larger than average. Therefore, the pearls are more likely to retail for a higher price. 

Older coins are more valuable. Anita has a coin believed to have originated from the colonial era, but lacks any proof. Therefore, it is questionable whether her coin is valuable. 

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