Test: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Student: Obtaining student loans will be more beneficial to my future than working full-time while in school.  If I obtain student loans for my remaining years in college, I will be in significant debt after I graduate from college.  If I do not obtain student loans, and instead secure a full-time job while in school, I will avoid such debt.  However, I cannot obtain a job in my chosen field after graduation without good grades, and my grades will suffer greatly if I am working full-time while attending school.  


Which one of the following is an assumption required by the student’s argument?

A full-time job obtained during school will not pay a higher salary than a job obtained after graduation.

Obtaining a job in the student’s chosen field after graduation is more beneficial to the student’s future than avoiding significant debt.

The amount of debt incurred by the student as a result of student loans will be lower than the amount of net income attained by working full-time while in school.

Employers in the student’s chosen field consider only good grades when deciding whether to hire new graduates.

Avoidance of significant debt is the most important factor in determining what is beneficial to the student’s future.

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