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Example Question #1 : Models Of Functioning Of Various Systems

"Zero tolerance" and "quality of life" policing practices that enforce the regulation of misdemeanors in order to establish a community free of vandalism, crime, and antisocial behavior in order to maintain urban environments are the products of which of the following community theories?

Possible Answers:

None of these

Community that cares model


Broken windows theory

Correct answer:

Broken windows theory


"Zero tolerance" and "quality of life" policing practices are the products of the broken windows theory. The broken windows theory posits that if communities police misdemeanors such as the vandalism (i.e. the breaking of windows), then other crimes in the community will decrease. It is suggested that the enforcement of low-level crimes creates social conformity enforced by formal and informal social sanctions, which results in the deterrence of criminal activities. In New York City, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani used this theory to implement a policing initiative to stop so called "small crimes." Under this initiative, police enforced misdemeanor crimes such as turnstile jumping—where individual jump turnstiles in order to ride subways for free. This initiative resulted in a decline in criminal activity in the city.

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