Test: ACT Science

A new drug is in its clinical trial phase. The graph below shows the data for participants sleep patterns before medication use and then after using the medication for three months. Series 1 shows the average hours slept a night for each participant prior to medication. Series 2 shows the average hours slept a night for each participant after three months of use. The average hours slept a night was obtained by recording sleep every night for one month, and then finding the average. Patients one through five took a placebo pil, not the actual Moonlight medication. Note: The y-axis is measured in hours slept a night, while the x-axis lists each anonymous patient numerically.





What information would strengthen the experiment? 

Another experiment using the medication that shows only female patients saw an increase in hours slept a night.

All of the answers listed would strengthen the experiment. 

Data comparing the number of times a patient wakes up in the middle of the night prior to and after medication usage. 

Statistical data results showing those on the placebo had the same increase in hours slept a night as those taking the medication. 

Patient 4 and patient 5 both had family deaths occur during the first month of testing. 

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